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Terminator 2 Eye

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Terminator 2 Eye

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When the action starts, you're in for the ride of your life. There never be the same movie like T2. What else I can say about this film? A Must see for everyone.

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Visit our What to Watch page. Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates.

Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews.

User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. A cyborg, identical to the one who failed to kill Sarah Connor, must now protect her teenage son, John Connor, from a more advanced and powerful cyborg.

Director: James Cameron. Writers: James Cameron , William Wisher. Available on Amazon. Added to Watchlist. From metacritic. Top Movies Bucket List.

Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor's Watchlist. Top Films Franchises. My Favourite Movies. Use the HTML below. It has been shown that Terminators' flesh coverings are somehow grown identically, producing many copies of exactly the same physical appearance.

This includes the Terminator portrayed by Schwarzenegger throughout the film series. In The Sarah Connor Chronicles , a T model known as "Vick Chamberlain" has a memory of facing a room presumably in the factory where it was created of several dozen units sharing an identical template to itself, naked and moving in unison.

The organic covering is expanded upon a bit more in Terminator Genisys. There it is shown that a T that has been in the past for eleven years has had its organic covering age to match.

Kyle Reese expresses surprise at this, and Sarah Connor explains that the covering is like normal human skin and ages like it too, and thus its flesh wears and tears in the same rate as humans.

It is also revealed that a T can regrow a damaged organic covering, though it takes time. It is unknown whether this can be done if the covering is completely destroyed or it needs some covering to regrow from.

The T told Sarah that its damaged facial and arm covering would take years to regrow after exposure to acid. The T Jason Clarke uses nanorobotics in a similar shapeshifting capacity as the T; however, it is not a liquid metal being.

The T Matt Smith has the ability to convert a living organism into a nanorobotic T Terminator at the cellular level. Mimetic polyalloy is a fictional type of " liquid metal ", described as an amorphous alloy that is twice the tensile strength of titanium , and composed entirely from microscopic nanites.

It uniquely combines the strength of forging with the ability to mold intricate and complex parts in one step. This allows some Terminator models such as the T , T , T-X , T and T to rapidly recover from damage, to quickly shapeshift camouflage , or to achieve near-perfect mimicry.

The T and T models, which are composed entirely of the substance, can quickly liquefy and assume forms in innovative and surprising ways, including fitting through narrow openings, morphing their arms into solid metal shapes or bladed weapons, walking through prison bars, and flattening themselves on the ground to hide or ambush targets.

It can change its color and texture to simulate flesh, clothing, and other nonmetallic materials. They are effectively impervious to mechanical damage, such as being dismembered, shot with bullets, or attacked with explosive devices.

Wounds close almost immediately, and any detached parts simply flow back into the Terminator's body. Extreme temperatures can degrade or inhibit its ability to maintain a disguise, movement or shapeshift.

Molten steel is capable of disassociating its molecular structure and permanently destroying it. Freezing may have lasting negative effect on its ability to shapeshift.

In Terminator 2 - The Extended Special Edition , there are additional scenes that show the T partially losing control of its morphing ability after it has recovered from being frozen by liquid nitrogen.

One of its hands stick to a railing and while walking its feet unintentionally assume the texture of the floor. In Terminator Genisys , it was shown that the alloy is vulnerable to melting when exposed to hydrochloric acid.

No indication is given on where, if at all, the CPU is located in these models, nor where the components needed for other sensory functions are located: for example microphones for hearing, speakers for the creation of speech and other noises, or cameras for vision.

Given that these kind of Terminators are completely fluid, it could be implied that those systems have been implemented as some sort of nanomachines capable of interacting with the rest of the liquid metal devices.

The T-X model is covered by the mimetic poly-alloy, providing it the ability to mimic humanoid forms while enforcing the endoskeleton beneath.

In Terminator Genisys , the new T displays a more advanced ability with the mimetic polyalloy, breaking off a small piece of itself and using it to form a latch on the back of the truck carrying Kyle, Sarah and the T Guardian.

It is also liquefied in an explosion and completely reforms itself within a minute. Like the first T, it can turn its arms into swords, but it can also detach the swords and throw them like a javelin.

With a drop of mimetic polyalloy, the T is able to reactivate a T that had been killed; said T appears to be fully repaired by the transfusion. However, the drop of alloy grants no extra abilities beyond reactivation.

During the climax of the film, there is a vat of unprogrammed mimetic polyalloy at the Cyberdyne Systems facility. Lasers are shown forming shapes out of it for brief periods of time, but it is stated that without a Terminator CPU the polyalloy is harmless.

During the final fight with the T, the badly damaged T gets thrown into the vat and its CPU comes in contact with the polyalloy.

Afterward, the T emerges, repaired with polyalloy abilities. An I is featured in the T2 novel trilogy. Unlike the T series Terminators, the I series Infiltrators are bred, and not factory built machines.

Skynet decided that the best way for one of its Terminators to act human was to start out with a human and add technological enhancements where necessary.

The I starts out as a genetically engineered baby with a neural net processor attached to its brain, providing an up-link to Skynet. To condition it physically, it is coaxed with holographic toys to crawl until it is exhausted.

After four years, it is given an injection that rapidly ages it to maturity to finish its training. In an effort to blend in better with humans, the I is allowed to feel emotions, but the range is limited by one of its cybernetic implants.

Because it is far more human than machine, dogs are not alerted to its presence, and the infiltrator can go undetected for extremely long periods of time inside a resistance base.

Once the "living" portion of the I is dead, the CPU then takes control of the body, but can only do so for a short time. They can reproduce with other s but not humans.

If the female I decides that the pregnancy would stop them from carrying out their mission, they could fertilize their eggs in vitro and would be implanted in human surrogate wombs.

They are also able to clone themselves. As seen in the future war scenes from various Terminator media, Skynet employs robots not designed to appear as humans even while having access to those who are.

Hydrobots are designed to attack people underwater. Advanced humanoid and non-humanoid Terminators use plasma weapons of variable size and configuration.

The Terminator comics published by NOW Comics during the s introduced a new style of Terminator which resembled a dog, complete with living tissue.

Non-humanoid Hunter-Killers are robotic versions of various vehicles, built with roughly the same technologies as the contemporary Terminators.

Terminator Salvation showed an armed motorcycle, a much larger transport aircraft, the massive Harvester walker and a small recon drone; other media introduce a plethora of other designs.

Terminator Genisys introduced Spider Tanks: large, four-legged crab-like units, which can be airlifted to combat theatre by aerial HKs. The first Terminator model shown, simply called "The Terminator" or "Cyberdyne Systems Model ", was introduced in the first film.

Other Terminators have been introduced in subsequent films and media. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the character concept.

For the eponymous character, see Terminator character. For Sarah's nuclear nightmare scene, Robert and Dennis Skotak of 4-Ward Production constructed a cityscape of Los Angeles using large-scale miniature buildings and realistic roads and vehicles.

The pair, after having studied actual footages of nuclear tests, then simulated the nuclear blast by using air mortars to knock over the cityscape, including the intricately built buildings.

The score spent six weeks on the Billboard , reaching a peak of No. In the DVD commentary, Fiedel mentions that the recurring metallic sound in the main title was produced by hitting a cast-iron frying pan with a hammer.

Its domestic total is 3. An estimated 48,, tickets were sold in North America. Terminator 2: Judgment Day received widespread critical acclaim.

The Montreal Film Journal called it "one of the best crafted Hollywood action flicks. Cameron, who directed the first Terminator and Aliens , doesn't just slam us over the head with the action.

In staging the movie's gigantic set pieces, he has an eye for both grandeur and beauty; he possesses that rare director's gift for transforming the objects he shoots so that we see, for example, the lyrical muscularity of an wheel truck.

Because of Cameron, the movie is the opposite of its Terminator character; it's a machine with a human heart. Writing for Time , Richard Corliss was far less pleased, stating that the film was a "humongous, visionary parable that intermittently enthralls and ultimately disappoints.

T2 is half of a terrific movie—the wrong half. On August 29, a reference to August 29, , the date on which Skynet becomes self-aware in the films , it was announced that the film would be digitally remastered in 3D to commemorate its 25th anniversary, with a worldwide re-release planned for mid The version to be remastered and rereleased in 3D is the original minute theatrical cut, as the extended edition is not James Cameron's preferred version.

Multiple camera shots from the opening chase sequence were digitally altered to fix a minor continuity error which had troubled Cameron since the release.

The studio released the film exclusively for one week in AMC Theatres nationwide, and said that it will expand depending on the film's performances in its first week.

It beat the record set by Dances With Wolves with , copies sold to rental stores. Some scenes, however, were still not included in the two-cassette VHS cut.

In October , the film received its first DVD release which featured the original theatrical cut. It contains both the theatrical and special editions of the film, plus many extras carried over from the Laserdisc.

In , Lionsgate released a Blu-ray of the film that is presented in a slightly washed-out p transfer and included no special features and a DTS 5.

On July , two new Blu-ray releases of the film were announced. These re-releases include new extras, including trailers, making-of documentaries, and "Seamless Branching of the Theatrical cut, Director's Cut, and Special extended edition".

The Director's Cut version has a runtime of minutes. In , the Extended Edition of the film was released as part of the Terminator Quadrilogy box set containing the first four Terminator films.

However, it contains no special features. Alongside other numerous re-added deleted scenes, the Extended Edition features an alternate ending , which shows an elderly Sarah Connor watching an adult John, who is a U.

Senator , playing with his daughter in a Washington playground in the year , narrating that Judgment Day never happened. The Terminator, as portrayed by Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2: Judgment Day , was ranked at number 48 on the list of heroes, as well as at number 22 on the list of villains for its appearance in the first Terminator film.

The film was adapted by Marvel Comics as a three issue miniseries, which was collected into a trade paperback. A line of trading cards was released.

Various video games based on the film were released. An arcade version was released in by Midway Manufacturing Company , and was ported to numerous game consoles.

A computer game , published by Ocean Software , was released in A themed pinball machine was released in July by Williams Electronics.

Robert Patrick makes a cameo appearance in Wayne's World as the T character in a scene where he pulls Wayne's car over, holds up a photo of John Connor and asks, "Have you seen this boy?

The opening credits show four burning horses of a carousel as the allegory of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

The film is referenced multiple times in a variety of animated series, such as The Simpsons , including episodes " Homer Loves Flanders " , [] " Treehouse of Horror VI " , [] " The Simpsons th Episode Spectacular " , [] and " Day of the Jackanapes " The first three were made without Cameron; Schwarzenegger returned for Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and Terminator Genisys , with a digital cameo in Terminator Salvation.

Though Terminator Genisys was intended to start a new rebooted trilogy, its disappointing critical and commercial performance determined that Terminator: Dark Fate would serve as an alternate sequel to Terminator 2: Judgment Day , ignoring the events from Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines onward.

The film was released on November 1, , with Cameron this time as producer , Schwarzenegger, and Hamilton returning.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Theatrical release poster. James Cameron William Wisher. Release date. Running time. Santa Monica. Long Beach.

North Hollywood. Play media. Title Length 1. See also: List of highest-grossing films. In Terminator 2 , August 29, is mentioned by Sarah to Dr.

Silberman Boen as Judgment Day, indicating that Kyle originally disclosed this information to her offscreen. During its conversation with Sarah and John, the Model elaborates, saying "In three years, Cyberdyne will become the largest supplier of military computer systems The system goes online on August 4th, Human decisions are removed from strategic defence.

Skynet begins to learn at a geometric rate. It becomes self-aware AM, Eastern time, August 29th. Silberman is described in The Terminator as a psychologist.

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